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Modern Management Review (dawna nazwa: Zarządzanie i Marketing)

Modern Management Review
(dawna nazwa: Zarządzanie i Marketing)
20 (3/2013), DOI: 10.7862/rz.2013.mmr.38



DOI: 10.7862/rz.2013.mmr.38


Innovation in social networking media has revolutionized the world in 21st Century. Social networking media presents potential opportunities for new forms of communication and commerce between marketers and consumers. The objective of the study in this paper is to analyze the effective communication strategy through social networking media. Survey was conducted, by sending questionnaire by e-mail to collect the individual opinion from the respondents. The total population is social networking user community, but to collect the effective data the sampling is constrained to the target population like young adults, between the ages of 18 years to 45 years. The sample size is seven hundred. The paper presents research results including internet marketing activities that have contributed to building a relationship with the brand. It is necessary to study the effectiveness of brand communication strategy carried out/conducted in social networking media which are mainly accessed by users. In recent trend of marketing in social networking sites, various brand communications are widely used to attract targeted leads. So, this study would help to assess the effectiveness of communication and strategy done through social networking media which encourages the target audience to participate in this kind of advertising.

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About this Article



PhD, Assistant professor, International School for Social and Business Studies, Maribor, Slovenia
University of Primorska, Faculty of Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Information Technologies,  Koper, Slovenia

Modern Management Review
20 (3/2013)

Internet, Social networking media, Fast Moving Consumer Goods, Brand, European Union




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