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Budownictwo i Inżynieria Środowiska

Budownictwo i Inżynieria Środowiska
2015.163, DOI: 10.7862/rb.2015.163

Safety management of grey water - prevention against potential system risks


DOI: 10.7862/rb.2015.163


Using recycled water or grey water system is relatively new concept in Slovakia, which gives users or investors an impression, that something what is new and unproven, may not be reliable. It is obvious, that in some cases, there may arise the situation, which wasn´t expected and system can fail, despite taking all necessary measures, however this can occur even in systems used safety for years. This report focuses on grey water system application and determines its potential risks, which can bring benefits, especially in terms of prevention of their creation. Then we know to which parts of the system, we have to give special attention, whether in the designing process, using or maintenance and we can ensure efficient and reliable system. This report deals with the potential risks of grey water system and the way how to avoid them, while it is important to remember that naming of the risks are just theoretical, and it doesn´t mean that they will occur.

Full text (pdf)


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About this Article

Safety management of grey water - prevention against potential system risks

Martina RYSULOVA (1)
Zuzana VRANAYOVA (3)

(1) PhD student
(2) Vice Dean for Education
(3) Vice Chairman of Academic Senate

Budownictwo i Inżynieria Środowiska

potential risks, control measures, systems parts, risks factors




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